Is your client asking questions about opening a franchise? Are they looking for additional resources and specific information on franchising? Do you want to gain a competitive edge by providing specialized knowledge and resources, at no cost whatsoever?

Select Franchises can offer their services to financial advisors looking for more information at zero cost to you. We can provide you with any information your clients are asking for, and offer you the knowledge and experience of our franchise experts.

“Anna is a big proponent of the franchise business model. Over the past few years, she’s come to one of my Executive MBA classes to battle for the franchise business model against proponents of buying existing businesses and supporters of venture capital startups. It’s interesting to see the lightbulbs go off with the students during the franchise discussion. As a matter of fact, a few of them engaged with Anna and became franchisees after graduation. Anna is not only an authority on the franchise business model, but brings an entrepreneurial view to franchise opportunities that expands possibilities and business strategy. Her approach fundamentally transforms how people can leverage a franchise investment to meet their core personal and business objectives.”
— Ted D. Zoller PhD Director, Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Past President United States Association for Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Outplacement firms, executive coaches and investment advisors to high net-worth individuals value the depth of expertise we bring their clients regarding franchise investments, especially in the area of executive franchises and semi-absentee franchises.

Professional advisors invite us to become a part of their advisory teams so that we can ensure their clients achieve their long term investment objectives. People who have told us our services are a good fit include:

  1.    Career professionals with clients interested in exploring business ownership.
  2.    Executive and business coaches with limited franchise experience.
  3.    Investment advisors needing franchise business venture expertise.

Strategic Alliance Program

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“I recommend Anna as a well-qualified and knowledgeable resource when evaluating whether an executive franchise is the best entrepreneurial option. She provided invaluable service to me as she walked me through all the steps of her franchise selection and evaluation process. Entrepreneurs and professional advisors will find great value in her candid and independent advice. Her focus is on helping people make their own well- informed decisions.”
— Gerald Woods, Attorney

Referral Success Stories

Hear from your peers

“I recommend Anna to other career coaches. Her educational approach with your clients interested in business ownership will help them make a well-informed decision regarding whether entrepreneurship is the right next career move.”
- Robert Hribernik, Vice President of Professional Services, Lee Hecht Harrison
 “Anna Wilds is my go-to person for clients who are interested in purchasing a business franchise. She is extremely knowledgeable and helps clients to explore the benefits as well as the pitfalls.” 
- Linda Conklin, Career Coach

“My clients have thoroughly enjoyed working with Anna to help them get connected with a franchise that truly is the best fit for them.  I would highly recommend working with Anna when searching for a franchise."

Chad Richter, Franchise Attorney

“It’s great to have Anna’s franchise consulting services as an extension of the professional services we offer.  Other outplacement firms and career professionals will find it beneficial, too.”

- Raymond Lee, CEO, CareerMinds


“Anna is generous sharing her expertise in franchising. She’s a comprehensive resource to any of your clients interested in exploring entrepreneurship.”

- Elizabeth Wallencheck, Associate Director, Coaching and Career and Leadership for MBA and Alumni, UNC - Chapel Hill


"I have been representing people buying franchises for 20 years and I have worked with Anna’s clients many times over that period.  I can tell the difference between Anna’s clients and others I have represented buying franchises because Anna’s clients have been given a thorough counseling about what franchising is, what to expect in the franchise relationship and the key things they need to consider to make their franchise business successful.  She really cares about her clients and the decisions she works with them to make.  Anna will leave no stone unturned in opening the possibilities of franchising for those she helps.  Few people I have encountered in her business demonstrate the care and concern Anna has for educating her clients as they enter franchising.  For personal, professional advice, give Anna a call."

- James M. Wilson, Wilson Law Group, PLC

"Sometimes during career transition, people share their long-held desire to own a business. My Go To person on entrepreneurship is Anna Wilds. She’s very good helping people find a good business fit – one in which they’ll thrive.  Other career coaches will benefit from referring their entrepreneurial clients to Anna."