Trends in Franchising

I am proud of my affiliation with FranChoice, the industry’s leading franchise advisory firm. It is composed of the most knowledgeable, experienced advisors in North America. We are dedicated professionals devoted to helping people realize their dreams through business ownership. 

The week after July 4th, FranChoice holds its Summer Conference. It is an highly anticipated, invitation-only event filled with exciting new brands, industry insiders, franchise funding companies plus continuing professional education for all.

We are in a vibrant economy with more people wondering how to get out of their job and into a business. The industry continues to innovate and help people achieve the goal of business ownership by continuing to bolster world class onboarding and training systems and remaining eagle-eye focused on improving unit economics through technology advancements.

Take Away #1: Choices
The ability to own a business while still employed has more choices than ever, and they do not always require brick and mortar.   It is stunning to see how fast this is growing.

Take Away #2: Dull and Boring Success
Dull and boring business opportunities backed by technology can be some of the best long-term business plans. You have to find the best recurring revenue model or have the best marketing plan that drives results.

Take Away #3: Competitive Edge
Just because you think a market is saturated in a category does not mean there is no room for more. In fact, it represents a proven market. Buying an innovative brand can be disruptive yet very profitable. Along with this fact, the franchising model will bring a competitive advantage.

Take Away #4: Funding Innovation
Funding the business has more choices than ever, whether it be from the franchisor or the great companies that can put together the right strategy for you. It is incredible to see the efforts taken to help my candidates live their dream.

Take Away #5: The People
At FranChoice, we have talented people who are focused on doing the right thing.  All of our people are experts in their fields – whether they be fellow advisors or quality franchisors or funding companies. All have the mindset of doing the right thing for the franchise candidate. This select network of subject matter experts is defined by quality results, or in other words, happy franchisees making money and living the life of their dreams.  The intensity and effort that goes into making the right business fit is exceptional. If you really want to be in a franchise business, get the right adviser.  It is definitely one of the biggest decisions you will make. When you are ready to make a change for the better, I'm here to answer your questions.

Take Away #6: Technology Advantage
Are you kidding me?  It is this simple to run a business? It really can be plug and play. I would not want to compete against these franchisors because they have too much technology in marketing and back-end systems management. Truly world class!
This is a brief review of what I absorbed, and to discuss the take-aways one-on-one, call me directly at (706) 736-0579.The opportunities and the upside just get better and better. 

Do you you have what it takes to own a franchise?