Summer 2018

Is the weather heating up in your part of the country? The sun rises early and goes down late. Is fishing in a mountain stream or warm sand between your toes in your summer plans?

Meet Tom. Tom’s kids recently finished the school year, and the family is packing for their vacation. They’re looking forward to days with no schedule, no set bedtime, and eating ice cream as they watch the sun set. Tom has a strong team of employees and a solid manager in place, so he has no doubt that his business will run as usual even while he is away. He doesn’t anticipate any frantic phone calls. He has faith in the people he hired, the franchisor’s support team, and the systems that are in place.

Meet Joe. Joe cut his vacation short because he recently changed jobs and doesn’t have enough vacation time to cover a full trip with his family. He flies home alone while the rest of the family enjoys a few more days in the mountains. The mountain air was good for him, but he now dreads the mounds of work that have piled up in the short three days that he was gone. Back to the grind he goes.

Both are very real situations. Which one do you relate to? I’ve met many Joes and Josephines during my career in franchise advising. For these people, summer is not a time of laughter and cutting out early to get to the lake. It’s just means three more months of work.

One of the biggest reasons why someone gets into franchising is for a desired lifestyle. Let’s be honest; most positions in the corporate world do not offer a healthy work/life balance. If you are a Joe or a Josephine, I would love to get to know you and connect you with franchises that provide the family friendly lifestyle you want.