March 2015


The International Franchise Association Convention theme of Connect-Innovate-Evolve encompassed the hot topic of applying rapidly changing technology into franchised businesses. An area of focus I found particularly interesting was how potential buyers gather information about franchises. It’s no surprise that franchise buyers gather information from and do more research online and on their smartphones than ever before.

An important point to emphasize is that the availability of information online is naturally not all someone needs to decide which, if any, business is right for them. That approach is a bit like reading 27 resumes and then deciding who to partner with in a business venture involving a six figure total investment. Obviously the franchise discovery process involves more than just fact gathering, and that’s where our entrepreneurship consulting services are helpful to people in career transition.

The highlight of the IFA Convention for me was receiving the Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) designation. Globally just over 1,000 people have this. Following the CFE pinning ceremony, the League of Nations of Franchises was recognized. It was a special moment to witness the 49 different countries recognized on stage (be sure to watch this month’s video). American franchises are in tremendous demand globally! If you are ready to have your own business right here in your own backyard, pick up the phone and call me to get started.

Yours in franchising,