April 2015

It’s April in Augusta, and there is a tangible vibration people feel from all the excitement anticipating the Masters Golf Tournament. Whether you play golf or not, you have heard of this revered tournament. Sports writers agree that it is the most prestigious sporting event in the world. 

After talking with my brother,  Bernard Doris, yesterday about the upcoming tournament, it occurred to me that I am a caddy when it comes to helping people invest in a franchised business, either as a second career or as an investment diversification strategy.

As you watch the Masters or any professional golfing event, do you notice how the player and caddy consult with each other? The players carefully handpick their caddies for these weighty career performances. The relationship between caddy and player is of tremendous importance in how the team performs. The role of the caddy is to do four main things.

First, the caddy is to know the course expertly. Second, the caddy gives advice on shots and club selection based on how the golfer plays the game and how the course is laid out. Third, a caddy helps the golfer do what is typically the hardest thing to do – read the greens accurately. An experienced caddy is invaluable at giving advice on line and speed when it’s time to putt. Fourth, good caddies are mental coaches. Like all sports, golf is a mental game and keeping a positive attitude is just as important, if not more so, than any other crucial factor affecting the final score.

When playing a golf course for the first time, an experienced caddy is quite valuable. Don’t you want to  avoid the hazards, stay on course and play better overall than you would have on your own?The same analogy applies for newcomers to franchising. At Franchise Locators, our sweet spot is guiding professionals from the corporate world and the sports world into franchise business ownership.

Whether you desire a second career or another revenue stream, take charge and master your destiny. You, too, can ace entrepreneurship. Are you ready to tee up? Contact us today at (706) 736-0579.

Reporting from Augusta,