November 2017

Veteran's Day is in a couple weeks, and I hope you'll take some time this month to let the veterans in your life know how much they are appreciated.

When it comes to getting out of the service, I know firsthand it can be tough for veterans to transition to civilian life. I experienced overwhelming confusion and doubt as I transitioned from the USAF during the Persian Gulf era to the civilian arena. There were enormous decisions to make like where in the world to live and start a new civilian career? And what civilian career would that be? What did I want to do with the rest of my life?  Many veterans have the same uncomfortable feelings and benefit from sound career advice tailored to them. What do you think about the following recommendation?

“I would absolutely encourage veterans to pursue this path (business ownership)…there is no better status symbol right now than to be a veteran entrepreneur. People want us to succeed…we have spent careers defending the American Dream of business ownership, and now it is our time to participate in that dream of business ownership.” Craig Cummings, Co-Founder of RideScout

In general veterans possess transferable skills which are highly sought after by franchises.  Understanding the value of a team, the importance of service, and the ability to carry on until the job is done puts veterans and separating service members in a position of strength when it comes to being awarded a franchise. Military skills, experience and training translate well to entrepreneurship. 

When it comes to franchise business ownership, it is my honor to serve as a resource to the men and women who did or who do wear an Armed Services uniform.  

I work with many franchises that offer a discounted franchise fee to U.S. veterans. I would love to educate you about what's available and connect you with the business that is right for you. To get started, schedule a chat HERE. In case you didn't know, my services are complimentary to all - veterans and civilians alike.