Great Insights from Snap-On Tools

One little idea has grown into a large franchise business - Snap-On Tools. The innovation did not stop after the first new idea to manufacture ten different sockets. Snap-On Tools has grown and added new products to fulfill needs, but they still sell the same way with their mobile stores. Many franchises have been around for awhile and are "tried and true," but not outdated.

Snap-on Tools

In 1920, a particular wrench could only do one particular job, but Joseph Johnson had an idea to change that. Along with William Seidemann, he began manufacturing ten different sockets that would "snap on" to five interchangeable wrench handles, so that one tool could do the work of five. The Snap-on Wrench Company's representatives sold these new products by taking them to the customers at their places of business and demonstrating their use.

Today, Snap-on Tools franchisees sell far more than just wrenches. They offer over 22,000 products, including hand tools, power tools, diagnostic tools, tool storage and shop equipment, but the way they sell is much the same. Once a week they bring their "mobile stores"--trucks filled with their products--directly to their customers, which include car dealerships, mechanics, marinas and airports.