Frequently Asked Questions

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“I just had faith in Anna and the process she took me through and I’m so pleased.”

How can your service be free of charge?

Franchisers have a constant problem with finding skilled candidates who can maneuver through the complicated process of starting a new franchise location. So to compensate for that, they pay franchise consultants to help walk candidates through the process. This helps the candidates understand the process, and know what exactly they’re signing up for, while also giving the franchisers confidence in the candidate.

Why should I go with a franchise rather than starting from scratch?

While starting your own business might feel like it is more personally rewarding, the truth is, they fail. A lot. Over 50% of startups will fail in the first year alone, and 90% will go broke before 10. Franchising, however, has a 95% success rate in the first year and 85% are still thriving five years in. Starting a franchise also gives you a tried and true business model, complete with best practices and access to training and support.

Are there franchising options besides fast food?

The franchise business model is used by over 70 different industries; if there’s a business, there’s probably a franchise version of it. If you were looking for an opportunity in home improvement, pets, children, restoration services, staffing, hair care, cars, massage, or even janitorial staffing, we can find a franchise for you. 

As a professional adviser, why would I want to use your services?

Because we can provide you with expert information and specialized knowledge for your client, 100% free of charge. Even if you have a considerable amount of experience with franchising for your client, contacting a franchising consultant can still benefit your client, and give you an advantage over your competition.

What are the disadvantages of owning a franchise?

First, franchisees are not completely independent—they have to follow the procedures and restrictions set by the franchiser in the franchise agreement, though to be fair that is also part of the appeal since it reduces risk. Restrictions may include pricing and the services and products that can be offered.  And obviously, you have to give up some level of control on how you operate your business.

Also, if other franchisees are performing poorly, the entire brand image may take a hit, even though your franchise might be operating well on track.

It’s so important not to mistake a brand name for a good investment. That’s why you need an experienced, credible franchise consultant to guide you through the franchise discovery process. It’s important for you to do a rigorous investigation of any franchise prior to signing an agreement. Our consulting services help people understand what they need to know about franchising, thereby allowing them to make informed decisions as they select the right franchise.

How much does a franchise cost?

It depends on the business and your personal financial situation. This is a question best answered in a consultation because there is such a wide range of total investment options. Many people confuse the franchise fee with the overall cost of the business.