“We thoroughly enjoyed working with Anna and found her extremely helpful, knowledgeable, professional and friendly. She’s a wonderful person and I recommend her with complete confidence.”

Select Franchises is a franchise consulting service. With over 3,000 franchises that all have their own complexities, requirements, and time commitments, Anna Wilds has the experience to find the franchise that fits you best.

Whether you’re an individual interested in franchising or a professional advisor wanting to ensure that your clients are getting expert advice, Select Franchises can help. We’re here to help you understand that franchise business ownership is a proven way to mitigate risk and maximize return as an entrepreneur.

Our clients include people in career transition, high net-worth individuals eager to diversify their current holdings and professional advisors with clients needing expert knowledge on franchise business ownership. These professionals include career coaches, business consultants, executive coaches, sports agents, investment advisors, attorneys, accountants and the like.


About Anna Wilds

Anna Wilds lives and breathes her rewarding work as a franchise consultant. Through her expert coaching, she empowers people to be entrepreneurs and diversified investors. Whether it’s replacing one’s income, building retirement assets or making strategic investments, Anna is a highly sought resource on franchised businesses by professional advisors and individuals.

She is the Founder and Managing Director of Select Franchises, a national franchise consultancy since 2003.  Anna’s 25+ years of business experience include positions in corporate America, active duty in the United States Armed Services and entrepreneurship.

Anna launched her corporate career at Humana, Inc. After obtaining her MBA from the University of North Carolina, Anna advanced her management career in the United States Air Force.

As an experienced investor and small business owner, Anna knows firsthand the freedom, flexibility and lifestyle one can enjoy through smart, strategic business investments.

If you’re ready to take control of your future, contact Anna today at (762) 233-7227 or today.